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Serinus On-Premises is your comprehensive toolkit to act quickly and efficiently as the need arises.

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The high-performing alarm server

Our Serinus On-Premises solution will be installed in your data center. Using the Alarm-Mediagateway you have a powerful appliance that allows you to easily network production plants, nurse call and patients wandering protection systems, fire alarm systems, machinery, sensors and technical components with your staff.

In the event of emergency calls, critical events, faults and damages, the responsible technical staff is automatically alerted. This can occur through your local communication infrastructure. Serinus takes into account duty rosters and on call schedules as well as channels through which the respective employees are contacted. You can alert many groups at once or start multiple conferences simultaneously – thanks to its geo-redundant design, the platform remains stable even under a heavy workload.

Functionality of Serinus On-Premises

Applications of Serinus On-Premises

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Alerting via telephone system

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Coupling fire alarm system

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Silent alarm

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Integration of emergency devices

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Connection to nurse call system

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Integration of building management system

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Lone workers protection

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Technical monitoring

Options for alerting by telephone
Alerting by telephone

1 Display text when alarm is triggered.
2 Activate loudspeaker announcements.
3 Interrupting ongoing conversations.
4 Ignoring a call diversion.
Option of DECT alerting
Alerting by DECT

Powerful DECT messaging function.
Possibility to confirm via DECT terminal.
Exact information of location due to localization function.
Integration of safety technology
Integration of safety technology

Connection of fire alarm system via ESPA 4.4.4/ESPA-X interface.
Connection of emergency buttons via dry contacts.
Monitoring function.
Triggering of a patient alarm
Activation of a patient safety alarm

Connection of the nurse call system with optional alert based on paging number or text scan.
Connection of emergency devices.
Support of active and passive Vital Calls to regularly check the health conditions of patients.

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Extensive integration into your telecommunication infrastructure

The Serinus alarm server can be connected to your phone system via SIP trunk, Message Link or XML interface. This enables, for instance, to trigger silent alarms and the dynamic recording of information. You can also benefit from special features such as call interruption and announcements over the public address system. Thanks to multiple technology partnerships and certifications, you can count on a reliable alerting solution.

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Easy integration of subsystemsystemen

Whether fire alarm, building management or nurse call systems – by means of serial and IP-based interfaces, you can integrate your subsystems directly and easily into the alarm server. Both standard and proprietary interfaces can be used to automatically transfer alert messages and malfunctions with detailed information to Serinus.

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Comprehensive license package included

With the Alarm-Mediagateway, you get a comprehensive license package that allows you to set up countless alerts, users, groups and organizational units. By default you can also use the acknowledgment and escalation functions, phone alarm inputs, as well as conference and text-to-speech modules.

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You have the choice

The Alarm-Mediagateway is available as appliance and can be installed as dedicated hardware at any time. Serinus offers the chance to benefit from the advantages of virtualization as well. Indeed, our alerting solution can also be deployed as a virtual system by integrating it into the own in-house servers via VMware or HyperV.

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Easy integration of IoT devices

Production plants, building facilities and other technical equipment are more and more networked with IoT devices to save time and reduce costs in work processes. The alarm server enables the integration of private LoRa networks and can receive sensor readings through the MQTT network protocol.

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Optional redundancy

To ensure high availability, the alarm media gateway is available with a redundant network connection. Upon request, you receive an alerting solution in hot standby mode with optional geo-redundant cluster operation.

Visual of the brochure on alarm mediagateway with Serinus

Information brochure “Alarm-Mediagateway”

As a powerful appliance, the Alarm-Mediagateway enables your subsystems and installations to be networked with your personnel in order to be able to act as quickly as possible in the event of faults.

Options for IoT integration

IoT Integration

A wide range of devices, systems and sensors are networked with the Internet.

The alarm media gateway receives sensor readings through LoRa and automatically transmits them to the Serinus platform.

In case of malfunctions or emergencies, process operations and alerting procedures are activated.

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In healthcare, the safety of patients and staff must be ensured. The Serinus alarm media gateway allows you to directly link your systems with doctors and nurses. When a nurse call or silent fire alarm is triggered, Serinus transmits the alert to the staff responsible within seconds.

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Public sector

The alarm server can be used to respond to a variety of emergency situations in public institutions. A silent alarm, a distress call to first responders or an emergency alert in case of bomb threat or running amok can be triggered by the powerful appliance.

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By integrating the media gateway into your distributed control system, you will be able to act immediately in case of malfunctions. Also in the event of IT issues alarms are triggered and appropriate measures to solve the problem are taken. Serinus offers an alerting solution for lone workers protection as well, that was developed in accordance with the rules 112-139 of the German Social Accident Insurance.

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Services are offered in different ways. In any case the common denominator is to be prepared to cope with all potential hazards. The alerting server is designed for IT alarms, distress calls to first responders as well as fire alarms and can, for instance, automatically alert the evacuation team in case of fire.

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