First-aiders emergency call

Initiate rescue immediately: Safe and reliable alerting of first-aiders with localization function

Fast systematic help

Major industrial accidents or employees in urgent need represent a coordination challenge for organizations. In this kind of situations, companies need contingency plans according to which first responders are informed, external rescue services are notified, and crisis response teams are provided an overview of the company premises. Serinus supports you in this process.

The Smart Event Communication Platform notifies responsible authorities according to predefined rules and triggers an escalation of the emergency call when needed. All information is available in the central alarm cockpit to ensure a quick first aid to the employees.

To make sure that no organizational shortcomings disturb the operation of the contingency plan, companies should undergo regularly testing. Serinus supports you in this – from the creation of contingency plans up to their integration in the execution of test alarms.

Alerting the first-aiders with Serinus

Overview of the benefits

Serinus Icon Circle Lautsprecher

Real-time alerting

Serinus Icon Circle Eskalation

Smart alerting function

Serinus Icon Circle Dashboard

Status confirmation in real time

Serinus Icon Circle Person Monitore

Connection to external control centers

Serinus Icon Circle Telefonkonferenz

Automatic conference with first responders

Serinus Icon Circle Localisieren

Pinpointing and geolocated alert

Serinus Icon Circle Report

Simple and efficient incident tracking

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In compliance with the legal and occupational requirements

Triggering of the emergency call via different media
Menu for configuration of first aid groups
Easy configuration of the first aid groups
Alarm localization in the web-based PNEZ
Alarm localization

Web-based personal emergency signal receiving center with location, emergency measures and logbook
First-aiders emergency call: assignment of roles and qualifications with Serinus
Assignment of roles/skills

Serinus Icon Touch

Trigger at any time and on any device

Emergencies can be triggered and received with the help of Serinus at any time and place. Different channels are supported for the alarm activation. These include notifications by voice call, client PC, mobile app, loudspeaker, SMS or e-mail. When an alarm is triggered by a telephone, a custom message can also be recorded. In addition, the person triggering the alarm can directly join the conference.

Serinus Icon Intelligente Alarmierung

Smart algorithm for rapid assistance

Serinus alerts your first responders in critical situations, taking into account their duty rosters and availability. The cloud solution supports a geolocated alerting system, which first alerts people who are within close proximity to the danger situation. In the absence of feedback from the first responders being alerted, it is possible to start automatic and constant repetitions of the notification after a predefined time.

Serinus Icon Personenschaden

Perfect protection for lone workers

If a man-down, no movement or timeout alarm is triggered, or the patrol launches an alarm, it means a person working alone is in danger. By mobilizing the local first responders, immediate assistance and rescue measures can be taken. Alerting the first responders is therefore a sensible and useful add-on to the lone worker protection.

Serinus Icon Lokalisierung

Safe pinpointing in case of emergency

Serinus supports many location options in order to quickly determine the position of the injured person in a critical situation. Besides the location through GPS, Serinus also allows the transmission of location information via NFC tag, BLE beacon, DECT transmitter and wireless access point. A map/building plan can be stored for each data point.

Serinus Icon PersonMonitore

Real-time status for alerting

The up-to-date status of a distress call to first responders can be tracked at any time via browser. This feature is ideal for a central operator station in the entrance area. If this option is activated, members of the first-aid rescue team can directly view the feedback and availability of their colleagues.

Serinus Icon Telefonkonferenz

Conference for direct interaction with first responders

In order for the first responders to cooperate closely in case of emergency, a conference between first responders can be started ad hoc. In this way, people in charge can exchange information about the current status, assess the situation on site, agree on how to proceed further and define first aid measures in order to be able to react quickly.

Serinus Icon Report

Audit-proof documentation

Serinus records all processes, confirmations and actions. Any reports can be sent directly by e-mail to the relevant recipients with just one click. Serinus also allows the analysis of specific issues, such as the number of first aid operations. Thanks to the audit-proof documentation of all processes, first aid operations can be easily analyzed and followed up afterwards.

Serinus Icon Personanschutz

Secure data storage (GDPR-compliant) and guaranteed uptime

In order for you to remain up and running even in case of infrastructure outage, we offer our solution as a cloud-based service. Our complete platform is designed for high availability and high performance. Your data is kept available, unaltered and confidential. This is proven by multiple independently run tests and audits – after which the Serinus Cloud Platform meets the highest standards.

Organization and triggering of alarms in the Serinus app
First Aid App

Triggering of different scenarios with deposit of individual icons.

Possibility to transmit location information or direct attachments.

Simple logon and logoff in first aid groups and definition of alarm channels.


How can a call to first responders be triggered?

Usually, a distress call is triggered via telephone, app or a button. The web interface or a client PC are more suitable for a central point at the entrance. 3rd party systems can also trigger the call using contacts or interfaces.

How is it ensured that someone respond to the alarm?

It is possible to request an acknowledgment of the operator. If the alarm is not acknowledged by a minimum number of predefined first responders, the system automatically starts call repetitions or escalations to further operators, before connecting to an external control center.

Can duty rosters be considered for the alerting process?

Yes, the system supports duty and shift plans. Otherwise, users can also manually log in to and log out from first-aid groups. If the minimum number of participants is not reached, further logout is not possible.

In what form are the alarm reports provided?

The system can automatically send progress reports and reports of completed first aid calls. The reports can be viewed at any time on the web interface. The storage period for the alarm reports can be adjusted individually for each customer account.

Can a user install the apps on different devices with his ID?

Yes, the app works on up to 3 different smartphones per user at the same time.

How many users can join a conference with first responders at the same time?

The system supports up to 60 participants in the conference. In practice, however, it is advisable to reduce the number of participants to a maximum of 20.

Is it possible to define different first responders depending on the building or location?

Yes, there is no limit to the number of call loops or first-aid groups.

How is the first responders solution licensed?

Our cloud solution is licensed based on the number of first responders. The number of triggers is not considered in our operating model.

Learn more about other applications of Serinus

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Convening of crisis teams

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Incident Management

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Amok and terror

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