Evacuation alarm

Rescue people from dangerous situations as soon as possible and in an organized manner

Safety first

If a fire breaks out, only a few minutes remain to evacuate a building without outside help. Within this time, the fire must be detected, the persons at risk must be alerted and asked to leave the danger zone.

Serinus supports you in identifying the source of the fire and evacuating endangered buildings quickly and in a controlled manner. The Smart Event Communication Platform can be coupled with all main fire alarm systems.

If an alarm is triggered, the evacuation can be initialized manually or automatically by Serinus. The system uses the infrastructure already available to give employees visual and audible evacuation instructions on their smartphones or play announcements by means of IP loudspeakers and central PA systems.

Fire alerting process with Serinus

Overview of the benefits

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Alerting using all media

Serinus Icon Circle Haus Pfeil

Evacuation by section

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Real-time reports

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Silent alarm

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Direct connection to your fire alarm system

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Mobile start of the evacuation

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Display of route maps and building plans

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Optimization of the exploration alarm

Central fire alerting via desktop client
Alerting via desktop client

Real-time alerting for up to 35,000 persons
Central POP-UP message with transmission of escape plans and emergency information
Override from silent mode of the PC client
Options for alerting by phone with Serinus
Alerting by telephone

1 Display text on call “fire alarm”
2 Activate loudspeaker announcement
3 lnterrupting ongoing conversations
4 lgnoring a call diversion
Connection to fire alerting system for triggering an emergency
Triggering an emergency

Connection of fire alarm system via EPSA 4.4.4/EPSA-X interface including monitoring function
Connection of emergency buttons via dry contacts
Telephone triggering of evacuation alarms

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A solution for your security

The Serinus solution is a central alerting and crisis management platform that can be connected to all subsystems of the security and building management subsystems as well as the ICT infrastructure. In dangerous situations, the user can understand the dynamics of events, to alert in an optimal and targeted way and to initialize immediate relief measures in order to minimize damages.

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Optimize investigation, react quickly

Incoming alarms from the fire alarm system are transmitted directly to the Serinus Cloud via ESPA 4.4.4 interface. In case of an emergency, employees receive on their DECT device plain text information for alert recipients. Additional route maps can be provided via the mobile app to ensure rapid response. By means of an automatically started telephone conference, the key players have the chance to directly exchange information about necessary steps.

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Situation-specific information

With Serinus you keep all the people involved always up to date and inform them about any changes regarding the danger situation. You can adapt notifications concerning bomb threats or fire evacuations ad-hoc and edit the group of recipients to be able to take the right decisions at any time. In a few mouse clicks, situation-specific contingency plans can be distributed to the people involved via mobile app, client PC or e-mail.

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Ideal for silent alarm in healthcare

Depending on the fire protection regulations, the platform allows the transmission of a silent fire alarm to the nursing staff and evacuation assistants. Especially from the point of view of the organization of the evacuation, it is important to note that patients might not always be able to leave the building by themselves in an emergency. Serinus helps you to react quickly and act correctly in this kind of emergencies.

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Safe alerting by phone

Thanks to Serinus you can reliably alert the responsible persons and authorities via telephone. The solution supports special features such as the transmission of a dynamic display text during calls, the interruption of ongoing calls in case of an alarm, the direct playback of a notification using the loudspeakers and the override of call forwarding rules. A fast mass alerting via XML message is also possible.

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Use of all channels

All available channels are supported by Serinus for alerting the responsible persons and authorities. These include notifications by telephone, client PC, mobile app, loudspeaker, SMS or e-mail. Within a few seconds, relevant information can be spread across large numbers of people. The alerted persons too can use all communication channels for the confirmation.

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Automatic reports

With the help of Serinus you can keep track of the feedback sent by the alerted persons. Progress and final reports can be sent automatically to predefined recipients. Thanks to the audit-proof documentation of all processes, danger situations can be easily analyzed and followed up afterwards.

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Compliance with the DIN VDE 0827 standard with connection to control stations

Serinus solution meets the requirements of DIN VDE 0827 standard for emergency and danger response systems. Therefore the alerting platform is ideally suited to warn people affected by the emergency situation and provide them audible instructions. The solution also enables to escalate the alarm to a central control station through different interfaces.

Options for fire alerting in the Serinus app

Alerts overview

Alarm activation

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Fire alarm system/ safety technology

By means of ESPA 4.4.4, ESPA-X, KNX bus or REST API, fire alarm systems and various safety technologies can be connected. If required, these interfaces can be easily monitored.

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Web portal

An alarm can be directly set off via QuickStart. Otherwise, the alarm notifications and alert recipients can be individually adapted.

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Smartphone & Client PC

Alarms can be directly set off via QuickStart. As an alternative, it is possible to edit the alarm message and add relevant attachments.

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An evacuation alarm can be triggered directly using the quick start function. Messages can be recorded depending on the situation. Triggering rights can be assigned via PIN and white list.

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Push button

An evacuation can be triggered by pressing an emergency button. What’s more, it is possible to have the button monitored.

System monitoring

Thanks to the integrated watchdog function, our system monitors all hardware and software components. In the event of a malfunction, our central SaaS service will trigger a technical alarm.

Alerting by phone

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Alert types

  • Voice alert
  • XML message for landline devices
  • Message Link for DECT users
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Supported system architecture

  • Ascom
  • Alcatel-Lucent (OXO and OXE)
  • Avaya
  • Cisco
  • innovaphone
  • GNtel
  • Mitel (Mitel 400, MX ONE, SIP DECT)
  • NFON
  • Panasonic
  • Swyx
  • Unify
Serinus Icons Settings

Special features

  • Connection despite busy line
  • Interruption of an ongoing call
  • Announcement over the public address system
  • Override the call forwarding rules
  • Sending of text messages

Multimedia alerting

Serinus Icon Laptop

Client PC

  • Alert via toaster, ticker or pop-up
  • Operating systems: Win 7 and Win 10
  • Transmission of annexes
  • Operation in Citrix environment
Serinus Icon Smartphone

Smartphone App

  • Alerting via push notification
  • Transmission of annexes
  • Geolocated alert
  • Operating systems: Android and iOS
Serinus Icon Loudspeaker

IP loudspeaker

  • Unicast and Multicast announcements
  • Operation compliant with the DIN VDE 0827 standard
  • Monitoring functions
Serinus Icon SMS


  • Priority SMS supported
  • Extended SMS with up to 480 characters
  • Flash SMS
Serinus Icon Raedchen

Connection of PA systems

  • Control via TC system
  • Own audio output for PA system
  • Monitoring function


The Serinus alarm servers can be designed completely redundant in hot standby mode. In case of system failure the slave server automatically takes over the operation.


What’s the best way to alert?

Ideally, to ensure redundancy you should opt for multimedia alerts through different media. Alerting by phone and pop-up is well-established in many companies. In addition, employees can be alerted on their mobile devices via app or SMS.

How is the alarm server connected to a fire alarm system?

The fire alarm system can be connected using an interface or a dry contact. We recommend the connection via ESPA 4.4.4 or ESPA-X interface. The advantage of this interfaces is that the connection is constantly monitored. In the event of an alarm, the interface transmits the information in plain text to the alarm server.

How quickly are the users alerted via the phone system?

This depends on several factors. In the case of alerting via voice call, the limiting factor is the number of voice channels between the phone system and the alarm server. In case of a connection with 30 channels, 60 extensions are alerted in about one minute. If the alerting is implemented via XML message, up to 5,000 subscribers can be alerted in a few seconds.

Can users be imported from the phone system?

Yes, Serinus allows to directly import interfaces of all major manufacturers. Also the import via CSV file or the connection to a higher-level LDAP directory is possible.

Can a running alert be stopped?

Yes, it is possible. You can stop a running alarm using different media at any time. However, in this case we recommend entering a PIN for authentication or allowing the stop function only to dedicated users.

Is it possible to perform regular test alerts?

Yes, these can be stored in our system, so that a test alarm is performed on a monthly basis.

Learn more about other applications of Serinus

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Convening of crisis task forces

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Incident Management

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Amok and terror

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