Product recall

The most important thing: Communication! Using Serinus to disseminate relevant product recall information quickly and in a targeted manner

Protection for consumers and assets

Mistakes can happen – despite all the precautions and care taken, defective or dangerous products find their way onto the market, then companies must react quickly. It is essential to protect customers and minimize any loss or image damage. Besides the consumers, the market surveillance authorities, suppliers and dealers must also be informed.

With Serinus you are prepared for critical situations, since you have a powerful alarm and crisis management platform. You have many functions available to quickly and easily exchange information with your crisis response teams. With one click you can start interdepartmental phone conferences and activate hotlines. This way, even under pressure, you always stay on top of things with Serinus.

Product recall with Serinus

Overview of the benefits

Serinus Icon Circle Dashboard

Efficient management of product recalls

Serinus Icon Circle iPad Alarm

Multimedia information distribution

Serinus Icon Circle Telefonkonferenz

Ad hoc conference features

Serinus Icon Circle Report

Easy emergency logging

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Rapid convening of crisis response teams

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Status confirmation in real time

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Set up of hotline and online collaboration

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Maximum security & privacy

Creation of a product recall in the Serinus Alarm Cockpit
History of product recall in the Serinus App
Creation of an info hotline for the product recall with Serinus
Live report for convening the crisis task force

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Mobilization of the crisis response team at any time

If a defective product is notified, a crisis response team must spring into action. Serinus enables you a flexible convening from any location, which is more and more important in today’s mobile working environment. If the first crisis response team members are not reached, further escalations can be triggered to alert substitutes with a relevant role. A direct and quick coordination is possible via phone conference.

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Distribution and monitoring of tasks

In order to manage a crisis situation efficiently, tasks can be predefined, then created and distributed in a current incident. The Incident Dashboard permits to create any number of tasks in a structured way and to divide them into different task lists. The task lists are assigned to the respective alarms and can be monitored after having been triggered.

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Online collaboration

Critical events require quick action. In such situations, it is important to rely on a smooth exchange of information within the team. The Incident Board guarantees an efficient collaboration among all the relevant people involved. This allows to jointly process incidents and to take important measures. In addition to this, the chat function provides a quick and easy communication channel – both via the browser on the PC and via the app on the smartphone.

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Stay always on top of things

Serinus provides a platform that gives you a real-time overview of all significant activities. Whether via web browser or mobile on your smartphone, you will receive feedback within seconds and can always monitor the assigned and processed tasks. With Serinus’ audit-proof documentation you can also track every decision.

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Inform customers in a targeted manner

In case of a product recall, it is important to quickly inform all customers so that they can react accordingly. With the help of the cloud platform, a large number of people can be alerted across all channels. The communication channels can be defined individually – whether by voice call, mobile app, SMS or e-mail. Serinus also enables the fax notification of all branches as required by law in the food industry.

Serinus Icon Info Hotline

Direct activation of the hotline

Serinus offers you the possibility to respond to a product recall by setting up an informative hotline. In this way you ensure a fast supply of information for customers, media and suppliers. The setup can be done via PC, phone or smartphone and can be adapted easily and flexibly. In addition to this, a separate pin-protected hotline can be set up for employees and crisis response teams.

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Cloud-based and high-performance

Serinus’ cloud solution provides you with a web-based alarm and crisis management system whose setup is independent of your infrastructure. Thus, it is possible to ensure a working alarm chain in case of a product recall, even in the event of a server failure in your company. What’s more, you can alert a large number of people at any time and from anywhere.

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From the moment an alarm is triggered, all actions on the Serinus platform are logged in detail. This allows you to easily track and subsequently analyze all measures taken. Logging is useful to improve the processes and can be sent automatically or manually via e-mail as an incident and alarm report.

Menu for creating and assigning tasks
Incident Management made easy

Direct loading of emergency plans, assignment and management of tasks, and processing of emergency contacts enable quick processing of a callback.


What legal requirements must be met in the event of a product recall?

The legal bases for product recalls is regulated by the respective laws of the individual countries and regions. In Germany, the legal requirements are defined by the Product Safety Act (ProdSG). However, there are also regulations of the European Union, which manufacturers in the individual countries must comply with.

Can external companies such as dealers and customers be notified simultaneously?

Depending on the selected medium of information, almost all recipients can be notified at the same time. Within a few seconds, all relevant information can be spread across large numbers of people.

How do I get feedback, if the recipients have received the information?

Serinus offers a feedback/acknowledgment function for almost all the media, so that you can always stay on top of things thanks to automated and progress reports. Using the dashboard you can even track the status of your product recall operation in real time. Those customers or dealers who do not respond within the specified time can be notified repeatedly.

Can recipients be easily imported into the system along with their contact data?

Yes, an import can be carried out by means of CSV file. A REST API interface is available for automated import as well.

Can information recipients also manage their contact data autonomously?

Yes, the recipients can manage their contact data, provided that they have the required approval, and decide on their own which media to use for notification. This option can also be overridden in case of emergency.

How does a phone conference with the crisis response team work?

Our solution can proactively call the users via outbound call so that they can join the conference. People also receive the conference details via SMS, e-mail or mobile app and can dial in at any time.

Can attachments with the necessary forms be stored on Serinus and sent in case of a product recall?

Depending on the selected information medium, documents or Internet links can be sent to provide further relevant information.

How secure is company and customer data?

Serinus is hosted in highly secure, German twin-core data centers (ISO/IEC 27001, ISO 27002 and TrustedCloud). Data transfers to the Serinus Cloud platform are encrypted using SSL and TLS protocols. A REST and a token-based key is used for the browser and the app. A 2-factor authentication can also be activated for extended security.

Learn more about other application examples of Serinus

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Convening of crisis teams

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Incident Management

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Production alarm

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