IT Emergency Management

Manage IT disruptions immediately and prevent serious business damage

Act fast when it counts most

Whether it’s a server crash, a broken Internet connection or a virus attack – all IT-related issues can bring entire companies to a standstill. In order to minimize damages, internal and external IT service providers must act immediately – preferably even before problems arise.

Serinus is a high-performing alert and crisis management solution that enables you to quickly and easily introduce countermeasures. In the event of a malfunction, Serinus automatically alerts the experts required to solve the problem. This it done taking into account duty rosters, availability and skills. Thanks to the acknowledgment function, you can always keep an eye on the availability and response times of your teams. In order to rapidly address complex issues, Serinus offers you the option to quickly and easily start emergency conferences.

Depending on your requirements and the infrastructure available, you can install Serinus as a cloud SaaS, as a server-based on-premises or as a hybrid solution.

IT emergency management process with Serinus

Overview of the benefits

Serinus Icon Circle Dashboard

Efficient management of IT emergencies

Serinus Icon Circle iPad Alarm

Multimedia communication channels

Serinus Icon Circle Info

Set up of hotline & online collaboration

Serinus Icon Circle Report

Simple & clear logging of emergencies

Serinus Icon Circle Lautsprecher

Skill-based convening of teams on standby

Serinus Icon Circle Telefonkonferenz

Ad hoc conference features

Serinus Icon Circle Raedchen

Seamless integration into your IT infrastructure

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Maximum security & privacy

Cross-team recording, processing and documentation
Cross-team processing documentation of incidents
Platform for collaboration and telephone conferences
Stand-alone platform for online collaboration and audio conferencing
Establishment of an information hotline for stakeholders
Easy activation of info hotlines for IT users and stakeholders
Process and logging in the Serinus App

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Cloud-based and high-performance

With Serinus you get a high-performance platform that you can rely on in case of IT emergencies. Should your infrastructure fail, the cloud-based platform allows you to manage any crisis scenario via browser or app. The hybrid solution also enables you to connect your servers and IoT devices to the cloud via an encrypted connection.

Serinus Icon Personanschutz

Security and privacy

Serinus ensures maximum safety. Our IT solutions are based on the redundant configuration of all components and a comprehensive security and backup concept that guarantee the necessary availability and data security. Serinus is hosted in highly secure, German twin-core data centers (ISO/IEC 27001, ISO 27002 and TrustedCloud). Serinus can handle a large number of alerts in case of emergency.

Serinus Icon Raedchen

Easy connection of your server and infrastructure

A direct connection of servers and technical infrastructure to the Serinus Cloud is possible by means of SNMP Trap, REST API, Webhook, Mail or SMS. Thus, potential sources of error can be pointed out at an early stage. For the integration of local physical systems such as building automation, security and access control systems, Serinus offers the possibility to connect local interfaces with a hybrid solution.

Serinus Icon PersonMonitore

Easy IT Incident Management

In crisis situations, it is important to act quickly while staying on top of things even under pressure. With the intuitive user interface of the Incident Board, you can directly start emergency scenarios, on-call alerts, emergency conferences and group chats. Predefined contingency plans can also be loaded to successfully handle crisis situations according to a defined action plan. The system offers the flexibility to create situation-specific tasks and monitor all activities in real time.

Serinus Icon Intelligente Alarmierung

Skill-based on-call and emergency teams

Alerts can be triggered manually or automatically with the help of Serinus. All relevant persons, whose qualifications are defined in advance, can be notified across all channels. If necessary, you can also alert the entire emergency organization within seconds. You receive immediate feedback from your teams through the acknowledgment function. If no feedback is received, it is possible to trigger further escalations.

Serinus Icon Telefonkonferenz

Simple communication channels

Internal agreements contribute to find solutions quickly. To be able to quickly discuss relevant measures, the alarm and crisis management platform of Serinus allows to start group chats or phone conferences at short notice. The latter applies to both inbound and outbound calls and can be activated via call or app.

Serinus Icon Info Hotline

Informing stakeholders

IT service providers must act as quickly as possible when a problem occurs and inform affected companies and customers about all the significant details of the crisis scenario. For this purpose, an hotline can be easily set up in the Incident Board, for example. In addition, status updates can be sent via multimedia or a news feed can be set up on the internal emergency page.

Serinus Icon Report

Reports and statistics

Serinus guarantees a detailed logging. You can collect statistics that help you to make a quick evaluation. For example, you can analyze the number of incidents for a defined field such as application servers or cyber-attacks. You can analyze the average processing and response time as well. Many evaluation options can be customized to improve processes.

Serinus App for mobile IT emergency management
Mobile IT emergency management

Initiate all measures via app.

Quick triggering.

Fast team exchange via app.


Common interfaces

Serinus Icon Webhook


By means of a Webhook you can easily launch an alarm or a task. This is done in JSON format. Individual message texts can be used for alerting purposes.

Serinus Icon SNMP


Serinus supports SNMP Trap V1 to V3 with encryption. The trap is evaluated and the corresponding alarm is started. Ideal for the connection of ICT components.

Serinus Icon RestAPI


Our REST API interface offers you a comprehensive range of functions. You can individually configure the alarm parameters and the alarm recipients for each request.

Serinus Icon Script


Whether as PowerShell script in Windows environments or via shell script in the command echoing of Linux/Unix systems, there are many options available to you for activating on-call services.

Serinus Icons E-mail


Using dedicated email addresses it is possible to control different scenarios. When alerting, the content of the incoming e-mail can be acquired upon request.

Serinus Icon SMS


Alarms can be triggered via SMS as well. For this purpose, each customer is connected to an individual telephone number. The content of the SMS can also be transmitted dynamically to the recipients.

Serinus Icon Thermometer


Whether for monitoring temperatures, UPS systems or for access control, Serinus enables you to record and evaluate analog and digital inputs.

Prevent multiple alarms

For each scenario it is possible to define how often an alarm may be triggered within a defined time frame. But this can be further limited. Thus, for example, a certain alarm cannot be triggered twice with the same message within a predefined time frame.

Learn more about other application examples of Serinus

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Convening of crisis teams

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Incident Management

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Smart Building

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