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By means of networked production chains, just-in-time logistics and cross-business cooperation – companies have highly optimized their production processes nowadays. On the one hand this increases efficiency, but on the other hand it also represents a high risk. Incidents can quickly bring the entire operation to a standstill. Then it is important to act quickly.

Serinus helps companies to be optimally prepared against major and minor incidents. The alert and crisis management platform supports you in the implementation, execution and improvement of your incident processing.

Serinus informs you about critical situations, faults or messages in your production plants and can automatically mobilize specialists. This can be done via voice call, SMS, email or mobile app. The acknowledgment function allows Serinus to receive qualified feedback on the availability and response time of your teams.

Incident Management Process with Serinus

Applications for Incident Management

Serinus Icon Circle Feuer

Fire & evacuation alarm

Serinus Icon Circle 3 Servers

IT Emergency Management

Serinus Icon Circle Person Laptop

Workplace malfunction

Serinus Icon Circle Personenschutz

Data security issue to be reported

Serinus Icon Circle Gruppe

Shortfall of personnel

Serinus Icon Circle Achtung

Product recall

Serinus Icon Circle Fabrik

Production downtime

Serinus Icon Circle Personenschaden

Industrial accidents

Creation of an incident in the Alarm Cockpit
Cross-team processing documentation of incidents
Incident Management in the Serinus App
Menu for quick input of incidents
Quick input

Distribute and track information, tasks and decisions in a few steps
Adding and assigning different attachments via drag & drop
Menu with information on all incidents
Overview of all current measures, entries, decisions and processing status

Serinus Icons Dashboard

Central Incident Dashboard

All incidents can be managed and various measures can be controlled and monitored using the central incident dashboard. With the intuitive user interface, you can always keep track of all current activities, developments and decisions related to an incident, even under pressure, so that you can quickly find a solution in a critical situation.

Serinus Icons Checkliste

Extensive task lists

To process the necessary tasks in a sorted and structured way in case of an incident, you can create and add as many tasks as needed to different task lists. These task lists are stored with the respective incidents and can easily be retrieved using keywords that are defined beforehand. Tasks can also be created, assigned and monitored at the last minute or during an incident.

Serinus Icons Einstellungen

Deep integration into your system landscape

Serinus adapts to your needs and specifications. The platform allows direct integration into your subsystems and IT solutions by means of standard and proprietary interfaces. In this way, alert messages and malfunctions with detailed information can be transferred automatically.

Serinus Icon Notiz

Fast entry

In critical situations, every second matters. The Incident Dashboard’s fast entry feature allows information, tasks and decisions to be collected and distributed in just a few steps. On the Serinus platform you can also add different attachments by drag-and-drop.

Serinus Icon Gruppe2

Collaborative work on the incident

The Incident Dashboard guarantees an efficient collaboration among all relevant people involved. The option of team collaboration allows different team members to work together on the same incident in real time. The exchange of files, emergency plans and messages is also supported by this team collaboration. Phone conferences can be started directly with one click.

Serinus Icon Lautsprecher

Multimedia communication

Serinus platform enables a cross-channel delivery of information and notifications via voice call or text message to landlines and DECT devices as well as via app, SMS, web client, fax and external subsystems. What is more, an intuitive messenger automatically starts a group chat in the event of an incident in order to optimize the exchange of information between all the parties involved.

Serinus Icons Blaulicht

Targeted alert

Serinus informs the people concerned about alarms and emergency calls. For this purpose, the platform considers all employees’ duty rosters, availability and skills. The acknowledgment function provides Serinus with qualified feedback on the availability and response times of your team. You can also decide beforehand which communication channels should be used to trigger the alarms.

Serinus Icons Checkliste

Quick and easy evaluation of incident reports

All activities are logged in detail and can be used for particular documentation purposes and to improve any process. This allows you to easily track and analyze all measures taken. Many evaluation options are available for this purpose. The required incident reports can be sent directly via e-mail with just one click.

Serinus Visual Brochure Incident Management

Information brochure “Incident management”

Be able to act in the worst case: The powerful incident and process management solution of Serinus is easy and secure to integrate into your system landscape.

Menu for creating and assigning tasks
Incident Management made easy

Direct loading of emergency plans, assignment and management of tasks, and processing of emergency contacts enable quick processing of a callback.

Integrations and Management


Serinus Icon OPCUA


OPC Unified Architecture has become the standard in industrial automation. Serinus allows you to set a threshold value per data point. When this value is reached, an event is automatically triggered thus allowing a quick reaction to prevent damage from occurring.

Serinus Icon ModBus

Modbus and KNX bus

The use of Modbus and KNX bus interfaces is well-established in the field of building automation. Also in this case, Serinus allows you to define a threshold value per data point or to monitor a status change and to directly trigger an event, should an incident occur.

Serinus Icon Raedchen

ESPA 4.4.4/ESPA-X interfaces

A large number of subsystems support the connection via ESPA 4.4.4 or ESPA interface, such as fire alarm, building management or hazard detection systems. The activation occurs either by paging ID or by text scan.

Serinus Icon Iot

Internet of Things (IoT)

Through the integration of Narrowband and LoRa devices, alarms, statuses or parameters can be recorded automatically and transmitted to the Serinus platform to quickly inform the relevant people.

Serinus Icon Contacts

Dry contact

Serinus also supports the classic method of alarm activation – dry contacts. Depending on the configuration, this event input can be assigned as Normally Closed or Normally Open contact.

Serinus Icon RestAPI


Our REST API interface offers you a comprehensive range of functions. You can individually configure the alarm parameters and the alarm recipients for each request.

Serinus Icon Script


Whether as PowerShell script in Windows environments or via shell script in the command echoing of Linux/Unix systems, there are many options available for instructing the processing of tasks, when a critical event occurs.

Serinus Icon Webhook


By means of a Webhook you can easily launch an alarm or a task. This is done in JSON format. Individual message texts can be used for alerting purposes.

Serinus Icon Thermometer


Whether for monitoring temperatures, UPS systems or for access control, Serinus enables you to record and evaluate analog and digital inputs in order to inform the people concerned before a damaging event occurs.

Further triggering media

Serinus Icons Dashboard


The intuitive dashboard makes it easier to set alarms and tasks and monitor the current status. On an ad-hoc basis, it is possible to select recipients and groups, provide them with information, assign tasks and set a confirmation accordingly.

Serinus Icon Telephone


The people in charge can easily be notified by voice call. Depending on the configuration, it is possible to record a message or directly call the team on standby. Moreover, the activation can be secured with a PIN code.

Serinus Icon Smartphone

Mobile App

Through the app profile, the authorized persons receive permission to trigger an alarm. The alarm notification can be supplemented with attachments. The app also allows to record a message and to start an emergency conference.

Serinus Icons E-mail


Using dedicated email addresses it is possible to control different scenarios. Upon request, the content of the incoming e-mail can be acquired with the notification.

Serinus Icon SMS


Alarms can be triggered via SMS as well. For this purpose, each customer is connected to an individual telephone number. The content of the SMS can also be transmitted dynamically to the recipients.

Authorizations management

With Serinus you can configure authorizations for the different triggering media. This ensures that the distribution of information and tasks can only be triggered by authorized persons and operators.

Incidents Management

Serinus Icons Dashboard


  • Process-oriented handling and administration of incidents
  • Users, roles and rights management
  • Create, assign and distribute tasks and contingency plans
  • Joint processing of faults or incidents
  • Audit-proof logging
  • Automatic change logs
  • Multimedia information exchange among all the users
  • Uni- & bidirectional notification options available
  • Confirmation feedback & escalation functions
  • Languages: German, English, French, Italian, Portuguese
Serinus Icon Group2

Interaction within the team

  • Chat feature for web and app
  • Inbound and outbound conference calls
  • Distribution of emergency documents and contingency plans
  • Activation of hotlines for employees, customers & suppliers
Serinus Icon Devices

Multimedia communication channels

  • External voice call
  • Internal landlines & DECT devices
  • Web Client & App (incl. Messenger)
  • External messenger & subsystems
  • SMS & Fax
  • Etc.
Serinus Icon Report

Reports and statistics

  • Live Monitor Alerting Web and App
  • Automatic transmission of progress and final reports
  • Statistical analysis of alarms
  • Audit-proof logging
  • Up to 10 years retention time
Serinus Icon Raedchen


  • 24/7 support
  • Whole data transmission encrypted (TLS and SSL)
  • Hosting in highly secure, German twin-core data centers (ISO/IEC 27001, ISO 27002 and TrustedCloud)


Is it possible to implement a multi-tenant access to the system?

Yes, the solution allows the creation of up to 12 hierarchy levels. Up to 200 departments can be created per hierarchy level. In addition, access within a department can be restricted using different user roles.

Can planned schedules be included in the distribution of information?

Yes, up to 26 calendar entries can be considered per scenario.

Can personal data be transferred from directory services such as Active Directory?

Yes, data can be imported and synchronized at regular intervals though an LDAP import.

How is it ensured that at least one employee is always reached when an incident occurs?

A minimum number of active employees can be defined for each hunt group or team on standby.

How long does it take to the system to inform 100 employees or customers?

Our solution is designed to be high-performing. Whether 1 person or 1,000 people, we alert the relevant recipients within a few seconds using different media.

How does a conference call with the required people work in case of an incident?

Our solution can proactively call the users via outbound call, so that they can join the conference. People also receive the conference details via SMS, e-mail or mobile app and can dial in at any time.

Can the people concerned manage their contact data autonomously?

Yes, people can manage their contact data, provided that they have the required approval, and decide on their own which media to receive information on. However, this option can also be overridden in case of emergency.

How secure is my data?

Serinus is hosted in highly secure, German twin-core data centers (ISO/IEC 27001, ISO 27002 and TrustedCloud). Data transfers to the Serinus Cloud platform are encrypted using SSL and TLS protocols. A REST and a token-based key is used for the browser and the app. A 2-factor authentication can also be activated for extended security.

How long are reports and statistics accessible?

This can be set differently for each account. The minimum retention period is one day, whereas the maximum retention period is 10 years.

Learn more about other applications of Serinus

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IT Emergency Management

Serinus Icons Alarm

Production alarm

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Convening of crisis teams

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