Security in case of amok and terrorism

When human lives are in danger: Manage life-threatening situations with overview and speed

Prepare for the worst

Sad but true: it’s not possible to completely prevent violence, terrorism and disorders. It this therefore all the more so important to prepare for the worst case scenario. Precise contingency plans and efficient communication channels can save lives. Often, the high demands on emergency concepts and security systems must be met despite tight budgets ‒ whether for educational and public institutions or private companies. Serinus supports you in meeting these challenges with a cost-effective solution. Informing people exposed to risk, coordinating rescue teams and contacting relatives is a matter of seconds. You can also start conference calls with crisis response teams with one click, exchange information via the Serinus Mobility App or inform the public using preconfigured hotlines.

Alarm process with Serinus

Overview of the benefits

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Serinus Icon Circle Sprechstelle

ASBIS telephone station

Serinus Icon Circle Feuer

Silent fire alarm

Serinus Icon Circle Raedchen

Integration of hazard detection systems

Serinus Icon Circle Schraubenschluessel

Technical alarms

Serinus Icon Circle Workflows

Exchange of contingency plans

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Emergency conferences

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IoT sensors

Various alarm triggering media
Behnke intercom stations for integration into telephone and data networks
Behnke intercom stations

Quality, reliability, durability
Easy integration into telephone and data networks
Use as system component for applications with low to increased risk
Standard intercom station: powerful loudspeaker, emergency call button behind a glass breakage panel, microphone and status display with three LEDs
Possibility to receive client PC alarms
Receive Client PC alarms
1 TICKER: The message is displayed in a banner as running text.
2 TOASTER-FUNCTION: Message is displayed discreetly in the corner of the screen.
3 PC-POP UP: The message is displayed in the middle of the screen.
4 PC-POP UP: In addition to the normal POP UP, the screen is blacked out around the message.

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Targeted alert

Your employees and colleagues are alerted by Serinus. To do so, the platform considers all employees’ duty rosters, availability and skills. The acknowledgment function allows Serinus to receive qualified feedback on the availability and response time of your teams. If nobody responds to the alarm notifications, further escalations can be started in accordance with a defined set of rules.

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Extensive compatibility

Serinus’ alarm and crisis management platform allows the connection of hazard detection systems and standard or proprietary interfaces as well. In this way, the platform can be adapted to the specific needs and requirements of your institution or company.

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DIN-compliant ASBIS

Serinus – in collaboration with Telecom Behnke – offers you the chance to implement a reliable and secure Advanced Security Building Intercom System (ASBIS). Your organizational processes for crisis management will be individually supplemented according to your needs. Our ASBIS is compliant with the DIN VDE 0827 standard. Thus, the requirements for safety integrity levels 1 to 3 are fully met.

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Reach the masses

In dangerous situations, such as disorder & terrorism, alerting large numbers of people is crucial for safety purposes. Serinus platform allows you to reach up to 250,000 people within one minute using different communication channels. While doing so, you can always stay on top of things and quickly and efficiently take and coordinate all the appropriate measures. In addition to this, relevant information can also be distributed to large crowds of people.

Safety level 1Situation risk: relatively low

The system check takes place manually or automatically once a day. The location where the alarm was triggered is displayed at a central station. These are usually alarm devices without verification capabilities, which are mainly used at primary or nursery schools.


  • Mobbing/Bullying
  • Threat/Assault
  • Drug consumption
  • Domestic violence
  • Vandalism
  • Extremism
  • Blackout
  • Water ingress, strong storm/hail

Safety level 2Situation risk: moderate

The system check takes place automatically several times on a daily basis. The triggering person and the service providing assistance must be able to communicate by voice. This reduces false alarms. The situation is identified with precision and specific measures are taken.


  • Threat of disorder
  • Serious physical violence, death threat
  • Sexual assault
  • Drug trafficking
  • Coercion/extortion/robbery
  • Suicide attempt
  • Major school accident/chemical-biological incident
  • Outside fatality

Safety level 3Situation risk: high

Besides the requirements of safety level 2, all connected components must also be constantly monitored. All resources and recipients must always signal their operational availability. The technical systems have additional and special performance features.


  • Running amok
  • Homicide at school
  • Hostage-taking
  • Explosive device
  • Case of fire
  • Death/suicide at school
  • Severe weather phenomena
  • Building collapse

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Easy integration of IoT sensors

Thanks to modern LPWA networks, such as LoRa, SigFox or NB-IoT, you can easily and cost-effectively integrate any kind of sensor into your alarm system. A big advantage is that you do not need any wiring, for example to implement a doors monitoring system. A low energy technology enables a low-maintenance battery operation.

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Silent alarm

Depending on the fire protection regulations, the platform allows the transmission of a silent fire alarm to the employees and evacuation assistants. An immediate exploration is made possible thanks to the detailed room and positioning functions provided. This allows, on one side to act quickly, and on the other side to reduce false alarms.

Serinus Icon Lautsprecher

Communication – anytime and everywhere

The Serinus platform enables cross-channel delivery of messages via phone call, text message, on landlines and DECT devices as well as via mobile app, SMS, Web Client, FAX and external subsystems. After an alarm is launched, people can start and participate into team chats or conference calls via browser, telephone or app to find together solutions to problems, as soon as possible.

Serinus Icon Report

Quick and easy evaluation of alarm reports

All alerting processes are logged in detail and can be used to improve processes. For example, it is possible to evaluate the processing and response time, which are crucial in danger situations. The required alarm reports can be sent directly via e-mail with just one click. A variety of evaluation options are available in this case.

Geo-based alerting in the alarm cockpit
Geo-based alerting

Alarm triggering in a definied area.

Alerts overview

Alarm activation

Serinus Icon Raedchen

Hazard detection systems/Safety engineering

Many hazard detection, fire alarm and safety engineering systems can be connected by means of ESPA 4.4.4, ESPA-X, KNX bus or REST API. If required, these interfaces can easily be monitored.

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ASBIS telephone stations

The activation can be carried out directly using the connected ASBIS-compliant phone stations with the corresponding emergency buttons. The person triggering the alarm has the possibility to communicate with the alarm recipients using the integrated intercom function.

Serinus Icon Telephone


A disorder or terrorism alarm can be triggered directly using the quick start function. Messages can be recorded depending on the situation. Triggering rights can be assigned via PIN and white list. Emergency conferences can also be started.

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Mobile App

The authorized persons receive permission to launch an alarm through their app profiles. Attachments or photos can be added to the alarm message too. The app can also be used to record a message.

Serinus Icon Push Button

Emergency button

An alarm can be triggered by pressing an emergency button. It is possible to integrate wired or radio-based push buttons on IoT basis into the alarm process. Of course, everything can be monitored.

Serinus Icons Dashboard

Web portal

An alarm can be set off directly via QuickStart. Otherwise, the alarm notifications and alert recipients can be individually adapted.

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Client PC

The alarm can be triggered by QuickStart, using a key combination or a connected USB button. The operating systems Win 7 and Win 10, as well as the operation in Citrix environments, are supported.

Serinus Icon PersonMonitors

Control center

An alarm can be triggered by an external control center or the police using different media. Individual messages can also be passed on to the alarm recipients, for example to keep the people concerned posted about the latest status or to give them instructions.

System monitoring

Thanks to the integrated watchdog function, our system monitors all hardware and software components. In the event of a malfunction, our central SaaS service will trigger a technical alarm.

Multimedia alerting

Serinus Icon Intercom

ASBIS stations and telephone

  • Voice alert
  • XML message for landline devices
  • Message Link for DECT users
Serinus Icon Loudspeaker

IP loudspeaker

  • Unicast and Multicast announcementsn
  • Operation compliant with the DIN VDE 0827 standard
  • Monitoring functions
Serinus Icon Raedchen

Connection of PA systems

  • Control via TC system
  • Own audio output for PA system
  • Monitoring function
Serinus Icon Devices

Mobile App & Client PC

  • Alert through push notification or PC Pop-up
  • Transmission of attachments and instructions
  • Support of all common operating systems
Serinus Icon SMS


  • Priority SMS supported
  • Extended SMS with up to 480 characters
  • Flash-SMS


The Serinus alarm servers can be designed completely redundant in hot standby mode. In case of system failure the slave server automatically takes over the operation.


Is there any specification or standard that must be observed when choosing a suitable solution?

Yes, the DIN VDE V 0827 standard describes the requirements of an Advanced Security Building Intercom System (ASBIS) based on an appropriate risk assessment. The requirements for the technical systems are then derived from the results of this risk assessment. Serinus offers standard-compliant solutions for all the three safety levels.

Can an existing technical equipment, such as a PA, hazard detection or phone system be included in the alerting system?

Serinus offers a variety of options as to the interfaces and connections to the existing systems. In this way, the existing infrastructure can be included in the alerting concept. For example, alarms and emergency conferences can be started using the existing TC system. In addition, it is possible to integrate conventional and IP-based loudspeaker systems.

Is it possible to reach a large number of people in danger situations?

Serinus platform allows you to reach up to 250,000 people within one minute using different communication channels, to inform people in time before they enter the danger zone.

Do you already have experience in using smartphone apps for alerting in case of running amok and terrorism?

Yes, educational institutions, for example, are already increasing the use of modern communication media, such as mobile apps, to enable teachers to launch and receive alarms. Serinus Mobile App also allows to send emergency documents and start emergency conferences.

In this context, is a geo-based alert also available?

It is possible to define a specific area inside which people should be informed whenever an alarm is triggered. This ensures that only the people in the danger zone are alerted.

Does the mobile app also have an integrated chat function to exchange information?

When critical events occur, it is crucial to exchange and share the latest information. In the event of a running amok or terrorist threat, Serinus offers the possibility to open a team chat. The chat participants can use the browser and the app chat to make decisions, share common documents in real time, upload attachments and send live photos.

How do I get feedback if the recipients have received the information?

Serinus offers a feedback/acknowledgment function for almost all media, so that you can always stay on top of things thanks to the automated and progress reports. Using the dashboard you can easily track the status of your alerts in real time. Those information recipients who do not respond within the specified time can be notified repeatedly.

Learn more about other application examples of Serinus

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Convening of crisis teams

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Incident Management

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Evacuation alarm

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