Mass notification

When disaster situations occur – alerting masses in a targeted and reliable manner with Serinus

Mastering scenarios professionally

Whether critical events affecting a company premises or incidents shaking entire cities – in these cases, a well-planned alarm and crisis management system is necessary for a mass alert of all people affected. Serinus was developed to react quickly using a reliable platform that can individually and flexibly adapt to the respective requirements, to safeguard the people concerned from further harm.

Serinus’ Smart Communication Platform supports companies and public organizations in informing key players or groups using their usual communication channels and, based on geodata, in starting emergency conferences and initializing emergency response measures as well – in a reliable and simple way with just one click or by the Serinus Mobile App. Within a few seconds, relevant information can be spread across large numbers of people.

Push notification in the event of a mass notification

Applications for mass notification

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MCI alerting

Serinus Icon Circle Waffe

Amok and terror

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Public alert

Serinus Icon Circle Fabrik

Industrial accidents

Serinus Icon Circle Haus Wasser

Storms & natural disasters

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Travel warnings

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Bomb threat

Alarm feedback settings

Setting the feedback with response time and determining the successful qualifications.
Configuration menu for escalation

Setting the response and escalation time as well as defining the escalation using repetitions, deputy alarms, escalation to further groups or alarms.
Mass notifications: Assignment of roles and skills in Serinus
Assignment of roles/skills
Settings for the output of a Serinus alert report
Alarm report

1 Automatic sending of alarm reports
2 Formation of reflexive groups based on the acknowledgement for post-alarm
3 Possibility to start further scenarios after successful completion of the mass notification
Serinus Icon Intelligente Alarmierung

Smart algorithm for targeted alerting

The alarm logic is designed to quickly inform according to the specific situation the appropriate number of persons or task forces based on departments, functions or skills. The most suitable communication channels and escalations are automatically selected for each employee, considering the selected scenario.

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Alerting through all channels

A mass alert can be performed simultaneously or sequentially using all available communication channels. These include notifications by voice call, mobile app, SMS or e-mail. The required communication channels can be defined individually, but also based on either teams or alarms, according to scenario and priority. Alerted people can provide feedback via all channels.

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High availability and performance

In emergency situations every second matters, which is why our solution is designed for high performance as a geo-redundant cluster platform. This allows you to reach up to 250,000 people within one minute using different communication channels. Redundant network and provider connections combined to several geo-redundant data centers ensure high availability of the entire solution.

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Security and GDPR-compliant data protection

You can’t afford to take any risks, when it comes to sensitive issues like data and security. Multiple independently run tests and audits prove that the Serinus Cloud Platform meets the highest standards in this connection. It doesn’t matter if it is the secure encryption of your data or the strict compliance with data security according to the European protection and privacy regulation (GDPR).

Serinus Icon PersonMonitore

Stay on top of things

All feedback and status information is displayed in real time via web browser or mobile on your smartphone. Get an overview of positive, negative and open feedbacks. In this way, you can keep track of the status of your mass alert and the availability of your task force in real time.

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Further alert according to the specific situation

The circumstances may change at any time. Serinus helps you to react quickly to the latest developments. Our messenger allows you to dynamically alert employees with the required skills at any time. In addition, the system builds reflexive groups with positive or missing feedback based on the acknowledgement of an initial alarm. These groups can be used for further alerts.

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Data management made easy

With Serinus, you are prepared for the worst-case scenario. You can easily create complex alarm scenarios for cases of emergency and test alarms. Serinus also supports you in updating your crisis contact data. These can also be entered autonomously by department, team or employee thanks to the multitenancy. Upon request, Serinus takes over the reminder function for data updates. Also the import from higher-level databases can be set up in a few clicks.

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Geolocated alert

In many critical situations, location-based alerting saves people and task forces who are close to the injured person / the crisis area. The Serinus Mobile App can be used to locate the person in case of an emergency. Besides the location via GPS, fine location via BLE beacon is also available for in-house alert. Instead of alerting all the profiles in the system, only the people actually concerned and task forces are notified.

Optimized for MCI alerting

A train derailment, a bomb attack, a massive accident on the highway – MCI events or incidents involving many injured people represent a medical and organizational challenge for rescue teams, hospitals and first responders.
Stay on top of things with Serinus – the alarm and crisis communication platform supports you to quickly and efficiently implement rescue measures, and to alert and coordinate first responders. Thanks to your preparation, Serinus is able to alert the right number of qualified task forces according to the situation and the goal. Our alarm algorithm ensures that neither too many nor too few task forces are mobilized.

MCI alerting with Serinus as interface
Visual of the brochure on emergency and crises managementt with Serinus

Information brochure “Emergency and Crisis Management”

Crisis Management with a simple and innovative technology. Crisis teams can be convened, masses alerted and emergency plans exchanged.

Serinus Dashboard für den Massenalarm

Filter on locations and categories.

Live report with real-time feedback.

Multiple filters on criteria such as acknowledgement, skill, arrival time, department or job title.

Overview of mass alerting functions

Alarm activation

Serinus Icons Dashboard

Web portal

An alarm can be directly set off via QuickStart. Otherwise, the alarm notifications and alert recipients can be individually adapted.

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An alarm can be triggered directly using the quick start function. Messages can be recorded depending on the situation. Triggering rights can be assigned by PIN and white list.

Serinus Icon Smartphone

Smartphone & PC Client

Alarms can be directly set off via QuickStart. As an alternative, it is possible to edit the alarm message and add relevant attachments.

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Push button & 3rd Party System

An alarm can be triggered by pressing an emergency button. But it can also be activated automatically through a subsystem.


Serinus Icon Geraete

Alerting media

  • Voice call
  • SMS
  • Mobile App
  • PC Client
  • E-Mail
  • Fax
Serinus Icon Lautsprecher

Alert types

  • Parallel: all users are alerted simultaneously
  • Performance: Setting simultaneous voice channels
  • Mass notification: parallel alert according to the order of priority of the devices
Serinus Icon Sprechblasen

Bidirectional notification

  • Personal notification
  • Group alert
  • Department-specific distribution of information
  • Skill-based alert
  • Location-based notification
Serinus Icon Quittierung


  • Positive acknowledgement
  • Negative acknowledegment
  • PIN-entry confirmation
  • Input of response time/time of arrival
Serinus Icons Eskalation


  • Basic escalation
  • Skill-based escalation
  • Escalation based on the devices
  • Escalation to other groups
  • Start your own escalating alarm

Alarm management

Serinus Icons Dashboard


  • Process-oriented alarm configuration
  • Users, roles and rights management
  • Automatic change logs
  • Languages: German, English, French, Italian, Portuguese
Serinus Icon Report

Reports and statistics

  • Live Monitor Alerting Web and App
  • Automatic transmission of progress and final reports
  • Statistical analysis of alarms
Serinus Icons Settings

Interaction within the team

  • Chat feature for web and app
  • Inbound and outbound telephone conferences
  • Distribution of emergency documents and contingency plans
Serinus Icon Raedchen


  • 24/7 support
  • Whole data transmission encrypted (TLS and SSL)
  • Hosting in highly secure, German twin-core data centers (ISO/IEC 27001, ISO 27002 and TrustedCloud)


How is Serinus SaaS licensed?

Licensing is based on the number of alerting users. The number of alarms, groups, calendars, qualifications etc. is not calculated.

Which browsers are compatible with Serinus?

To use Serinus smoothly, we recommend the browsers Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or MS Edge.

How is Serinus connected to third-party systems?

The cloud solution offers extensive REST API. These allow to manage users, groups and alarms. Using a connector (seamless or media gateway) it is possible to set up a fast AD/LDAP connection or connect existing subsystems.

Is there any best practice for MCI alert?

We would be glad to support you in planning your MCI alerting system. Thanks to our cooperation with the German Society of Hospital Disaster Response Planning and Crisis Management (DAKEP), we have the relevant know-how and provide you with alerting models.

Does the system create profiles of movements for the geolocated alert?

No, only the current location is stored in encrypted form and this is permanently overwritten.

How long does it take to alert 1,000 users by voice call?

The alerting process including the playback of the alarm notification and the acknowledgement takes about 45 seconds for 1,000 participants.

Is it possible to contact reference customers?

University hospitals and big chains of clinics adopted Serinus for MCI alerting. We would be happy to put you in touch with the relevant contacts.

Learn more about other applications of Serinus

Serinus Icon Loudspeaker

Convening of crisis teams

Serinus Icon Waffe

Amok and terror

Serinus Icon Escape Route

Evacuation alarm

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